#Metooinceste: Emmanuel Macron’s video is “an outcome, finally we were heard”, rejoices psychiatrist Muriel Salmona

“You will never be alone again”, affirms Saturday, January 23 Emmanuel Macron to the victims of sexual violence against minors, by promising in a video and a series of tweets not to let “no respite for aggressors” and D’“adapt our law”.

This video is “a result because we have finally been heard”, was delighted on franceinfo, Muriel Salmona, psychiatrist, president and founder in 2009 of the association Traumatic memory and victimology. His writings have largely inspired Camille Kouchner who accuses in the autobiographical story “La Familia Grande”, her stepfather Olivier Duhamel renowned political scientist, of having sexually assaulted her twin, Victor, at the end of the 1980s.

“Now we will see what will be really offered to us, even if there are measures which have been announced and which we welcome. The State really has to fulfill its obligations”, specifies Muriel Salmona. She greets “a total change of speech. “

“We had to wait seven days, and finally, they take the measure of this moment, they kind of get on the bandwagon.”

Murielle Salmona

to franceinfo

The psychiatrist is now waiting “that all human and financial resources be put in place and that the political measures are up to the task”. Lhe associations dedicated to the protection of children will be received by the Minister of Justice from Monday, indicates the entourage of Eric Dupond-Moretti. “I will be received elsewhere on Tuesday”, specify the president and founder of the association Mémoire traumatique et victimologie.

Muriel Salmona says she wants to transmit all the demands of her association and tell Eric Dupond-Moretti “how untenable and intolerable is the impunity of pedocriminality in France”. “We will propose to him the abolition of the prescription and the age threshold”, she adds.

“We must also be the voices and the spokespersons of all the victims who cannot” explains the psychiatrist, victims who are according to her “gagged”.“We have to make our clamor heard for things to change, so that society does not tolerate these situations where children are in danger in the face of this pedocriminality”, pleads Muriel Salmona.

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