Mexico: at least 11 dead after Hurricane Grace

The governor of the state of Puebla, where the hurricane did the most damage, delivered a new tally on Sunday.

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The toll grows heavier. The heavy rains that fell on Saturday, August 21 in Mexico during the passage of Hurricane Grace, quickly downgraded to a tropical storm, killed three people in the state of Puebla (center), bringing the total number of victims to eleven in the country. “We have identified three deaths, one in Huauchinango and the other two in Tlaola”, counted Sunday, August 22 a statement from the office of the governor of the State of Puebla.

On Saturday, authorities in the neighboring state of Veracruz had reported eight deaths, including a woman and her five children whose home was destroyed in a landslide.

Grace made landfall north of Veracruz on Saturday as a Category 3 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson scale (which has 5), before being downgraded to a “tropical storm”. Damage was recorded in the center and east of the country, with torn roofs, damaged roads and power cuts.

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