Michel Zecler case: who are the four police officers in custody?

Their police custody, which has lasted since Friday, November 27, has been extended until Sunday, November 29 in the early afternoon at the latest: two police officers seen on CCTV footage from Michel Zecler’s music studio, hit the latter in punches, while the third holds him against the door. They are police officers aged 44, for the brigade chief, 31 and 23, all experienced and highly rated by their hierarchy.

It all started in a street in the 17th arrondissement of Paris, when Michel Zecler, with no mask on his face, tries to escape control. The police chase him to the entrance of his studio, and that’s when the situation escalates. They claim that Michel Zecler would have tried to steal their weapons, a version contradicted by the video. In police custody, the agents admit the blows, but deny the racist remarks and deny having lied on the report which recounts the facts. The fourth man in custody, 35, is the one who throws a tear gas canister into the studio.

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