Michelle and Mona

When such a miracle occurs, we want to call our loved ones, our friends, the whole world: quickly, there, now, right away, watch, if you missed it, “La grande bookstore” broadcast before- yesterday evening. A pure moment of grace, which restores confidence in humanity, that despite everything that is happening, all may not be lost. Unique guests: two women, Mona Ozouf and Michelle Perrot, two historians, two nineties sparkling with intelligence, subtlety, relevance in their analyses, two friends, above all, who met on the eve of their 20s, in the teachers’ room of the Caen high school, in 1955. And whose friendship, made up of complicity, listening, mutual respect in their disagreements, is a magnificent lesson, none of them trying to pull the cover to themselves, to shine at the expense of the other. Two women passionate about the cause of women, of which they have become historians. But also through literature, great novels. Talking about their childhood, their youth as if it were yesterday, as if they were still young girls “full of joy”, as Mona Ozouf says, from 1955. Listening to them, watching them, I tried to imagine, in their place, two men, two great intellectuals: the cockfight, the stakes of power, of rivalry, the desire to score points, to be the most brilliant… Thank you, a thousand times thank you, Mona Ozouf and Michelle Perrot. I love you.


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