Migrants: Belarus warns Poland against any “provocation” at the border

The two countries have been struggling for weeks over the arrival of thousands of migrants wanting enter the European Union.

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Belarus is raising the tone. The country warned, Tuesday, November 9, Poland against any “provocation” on the border between the two countries, where there are thousands of migrants wanting to enter the European Union. Minsk and Warsaw have been struggling for weeks on the migration issue.

>> On the borders of Europe, migrants trapped in a “hybrid war” between Belarus and Poland

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko is accused by the EU of orchestrating the arrival of this wave of migrants in response to European sanctions decided against his country after the brutal repression suffered by the opposition. The Belarusian Foreign Ministry, which denies these accusations, held “to warn the Polish side in advance against the use of any provocation”.

Minsk lambasted the “Warsaw’s long-standing disregard for objective reality and its ostrich-like approaches to solving serious problems”, as well as “untenable attempts” from Poland from “to lay the blame on Belarus” of the migration crisis at the border.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, for his part, said the influx of migrants to the border threatened the “stability and security” across the European Union. “Sealing the Polish border is in our national interest. But today it is the stability and security of the entire EU that is at stake.”, wrote the head of the Polish government on Twitter. Warsaw has deployed a large military force at the border.

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