Misbehavior with Jewel Vashishth? She shared the picture and said – the policemen made me such a plight

Actress Gehana Vasishth, who was seen in the web series ‘Gandi Baat’, has now made serious allegations against the policemen. He is an accused in the porn film case of businessman Raj Kundra. Sharing a picture of himself, he has written a long post on his Instagram account.

In the picture shared by Jewel, her clothes are seen torn. With this he wrote, ‘The policemen have made this plight for me. All accounts are frozen, there is no money, can’t go home or else the police will arrest. Took all mobiles, laptops, had mortgaged the car last time for bail.

Occupation of strangers in the house
Gehna wrote, ‘I am living with some unknown people. Unknown people have occupied the house. Lawyer’s fees were also demanded on loan from someone. And what will Mumbai Police do more than this, will you harm anyone more than this.’

accused of making a false case
The actress further wrote, ‘Still you have not filled your soul, so keep making false cases. One day everything will come out. The girls whom you guys have pitted against me, by luring money, someone will bring out the truth. I have everything in my mobile, just you guys have seized it. No one is having a bad time today, yours will also come. Do whatever you want to do, I will not give up.

Jewel was arrested in February

Let us tell you, in the month of February, Mumbai Police arrested Gehna for making porn films and airing them on apps. He is currently out on bail after spending four months in custody. After the arrest of Raj Kundra, Gehna supported him and explained to the people the difference between porn and erotic videos.


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