Miss Universe 2021 Harnaaz Sandhu sounds like a cat on stage, video goes viral

Ever since Harnaaz Sandhu won the crown of ‘Miss Universe 2021’, the whole world is praising her. After 21 years, India got ‘Miss Universe’ in the form of Harnaaz Sandhu. So far, pictures and videos of Harnaaz Sandhu are going viral on social media.

Recently Harnaaz Sandhu returned to her village in Punjab. A video of her also became very viral, in which she was seen doing Bhangra in the mustard fields. Now another video of Harnaaz Sandhu is in discussion, in which she is seen doing ‘meow’ like a cat.

This video is actually from the ‘Miss Universe 2021′ beauty pageant, in which the host asks a question to Steve Harnaaz on stage. The question is – I have heard that you can take out the sound of animals very well. Can you tell us your best?’ Harnaaz is also shocked to hear this question and says, ‘Steve, I did not expect that one day I would do this on the world stage. Having said this, Harnaaz ‘meow’ like a cat.

Video: ‘Miss Universe’ performed Bhangra in the fields of Punjab, this dance video of Harnaaz shadowed social media
However, for this act of the host on social media, users are telling him a lot. A user, who shared this video, wrote on Twitter, “While other contestants were asked about their successes and abilities, Harnaaz Sandhu was asked to make the sound of animals. And he also meowed on stage. I want to know who wrote this question after all?’

‘Was there no one then who could say no, don’t do this? Steve could have refused to ask such a question. However, some people were also seen in its support and praised this talent of Harnaaz. Watch the reaction here:


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