Missions to the Moon: a speed race that doesn’t say its name

DECRYPTION – China and the United States are simultaneously preparing the return of manned missions to our natural satellite.

Officially, this is not a new race for the Moon between two superpowers, which would echo the one led by the Americans and the Soviets during the Cold War. But more than 50 years after the successful Apollo moon landings, from 1969 to 1972, China and the United States are simultaneously preparing for the return of manned missions on our natural satellite.

“After the Chang’e automatic missions announced in 2004, China’s objective was already to send astronauts to lunar soil, because the Chinese had been talking about it since the flight from Shenzhou-1 in 1999”, explains Philippe Coué, independent researcher specializing in Chinese space. The initial objective was to get there by 2036. On the other hand, NASA’s Artemis program targets a woman’s first step on the Moon before 2024. The hyper-ambitious timetable wanted by Donald Trump will not be kept , but the project should not disappear with the new president Joe Biden, whose program specifies that he

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