Moderna has begun human trials of an HIV vaccine using messenger RNA

The recent successes of messenger RNA technology, which has enabled the development of vaccines against Covid-19 in record time, have raised hopes.

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The first doses of a vaccine against the AIDS virus using messenger RNA technology have been administered to humans, the American biotechnology company Moderna and the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative announced on Thursday (January 27th). (in English). This so-called phase 1 trial will be carried out in the United States on 56 healthy, HIV-negative adults.

Despite four decades of research, scientists have still not succeeded in developing a vaccine against this disease which kills hundreds of thousands of people every year. But the recent successes of messenger RNA technology, having enabled the development in record time of vaccines against Covid-19, including that of Moderna, have raised hopes. The aim of the vaccine tested is to stimulate the production of a certain type of antibody (bnAb), capable of acting against the very numerous variants of HIV in circulation, the virus causing the disease AIDS.

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