Mohammed Moussaoui: “Terrorists embody the betrayal of all that is sacred in Islam”

La Croix: Do you understand that some make the link between Islam and Islamist terrorism or do you completely refute it?

Mohammed Moussaoui : Those who commit acts of terrorism by evoking Islam, do so by misleading religion. They use religion to commit acts that Islam refutes and which are in total contradiction with this religion.

However, the fact is that they claim it and take the Muslim vocabulary hostage. We cannot therefore say that there is no link, even if Islam is in contradiction with these acts. These terrorists have no religious but slogans and embody the betrayal of all that is sacred in Islam, starting with the sacredness of life. That’s why I prefer to say things factually and say that these people “ claim Of Islam.

With the CFCM, we are going to send a text to all the imams in France so that they can use it for their sermon on Friday. [23 octobre]. It is an educational text, which will return to terrorism, the sacredness of life and the issues – such as cartoons – which triggered these acts of great violence.

VSow do you react to the decision of the Prefect of Seine-Saint-Denis to close the Pantin mosque?

MM : It is not for me as president of the CFCM to judge the prefect’s decision. I do not have the necessary elements to assess the legality of this decree. If it is outside the limits set by law, it will be up to the association managing the mosque of Pantin to bring the matter before the administrative court.

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For my part, I do not have to interfere in these decisions. The prefect is in charge of preserving public order and can therefore limit freedom in a proportionate manner. But it is not for me to say whether this is the case here.

Do these events plead in favor of a restructuring of Islam in France, as requested by Emmanuel Macron in his speech at Les Mureaux on October 2?

MM: In France, the Muslim cult needs to organize itself in order to be strong and protect itself. A “certification” of imams – what Emmanuel Macron asks in particular – will make it possible to avoid the amalgamation between those who exercise this function with dedication and abnegation and those who proclaim themselves imam. For this, it is necessary to go through a redefinition of the role of the CFCM which, at the outset, was only intended to be a structure of dialogue between the various federations that constitute it.

In the Arab-Muslim world, including on satellite channels watched by Muslims in France, Emmanuel Macron’s speech at Les Mureaux has been reduced and caricatured. When he said that ” Islam is in crisis », He was not talking about religion, but its variation in everyday life. And indeed, the Muslim world is going through crises related to the understanding of the Muslim religion. Some small extremist groups use it and consider that their understanding is the only one that is worthwhile.

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In his speech, Emmanuel Macron did not question the fact that all religions had the same rights and the same obligations. He dismissed the idea that separatism was about Islam as a religion, but did target extremists. The measures he announced target the action of certain associations which have an extremist discourse or act in an extremist manner. On Islam there are only positive measures.


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