Mohit Malik and Aditi become parents after 10 years of marriage, first look of baby boy

Mohit Malik and Aditi Shirwaikar Malik (Addite Shirwaikar Malik) are not the only destination for happiness. Mohit Malik’s wife Aditi, who appeared in ‘Kulfi Kumar Bajewala’, gave birth to a loving son on April 29 (Addite Malik delivers baby boy).

Adite Malik (boy boy first photo) shared her first glimpse of the son after birth on her Instagram account (Addite Malik Instagram) and wrote, ‘Dear Universe, thanks for this blessing. He wakes up in the middle of the night and weep … Thank you for all the things that come with Baby. Very happy to welcome the little baby boy in his world. This baby is really magic. Now we are 2 to 3. ‘

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Mohit Malik also does not have the whereabouts of happiness. He also shared a picture of Baby Boy on his Instagram account and shared happiness with the fans. From fans to TV stars and friends, Mohit is congratulating Malik and Aditi Malik on becoming parents.

addite malik baby boy2

Delivery was due in May, recently got baby bump photoshoot

Please tell that Aditi’s delivery was due in May. A few days ago, Aditi had her baby bump photoshoot with husband Mohit Malik and asked the fans whether there would be a son or a daughter. Aditi and Mohit Malik are happy that all their wishes are fulfilled now.

Mohit and Aditi become parents after 10 years of marriage
He is very happy to become parents after 10 years of marriage. Aditi Shirwaikar Malik married Mohit Malik in 2010. The two met on the set of the TV show ‘Imli’. On 1 April 2006, Mohit Malik proposed to Aditi and then got married after dating for 4 years.


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