Monthly Health Rashifal: The people of Aries and Pisces will have to pay attention to fitness, know the horoscope

Monthly Health Rashifal : Many yogas and doshas of the horoscope tell how your health is going to be. In astrology, the reason for this is considered to be a strange combination of planets. The past few months have been full of ups and downs for many people due to the Corona pandemic. Know health horoscope.

Sheep- One has to keep a close watch on the increasing weight. Those people who are undergoing treatment due to serious diseases have to be alert. Also be alert for kidney related problems, if you do yoga and meditation for health benefits, you will get very good results. Avoiding negligence in health related matters should be the main focus.

Taurus- Balanced diet has to be given importance, very rich and fried and greasy food can give you problems. It would be good to salute the Gujiyas and sweets of Holi from a distance, because this time the amount of fat in the food has to be kept low. To keep the heart healthy, keep getting cholesterol checked this month. Don’t let your routine get cluttered. Eat food on time and sleep only on time, because more stress and running is not good for health.

Gemini- Problems related to the knee may have to be faced, if you have the problem of arthritis, then you will have to eat related medicines and include them in the exercise routine. Don’t ignore the smallest problem. There can be a problem like sugar. One special thing to keep in mind is not to get too angry, otherwise blood pressure may increase. You will be worried about the pain in the ear, if you use the ear phone for a long time, then be alert.

Cancer- Health related problems like urine infection may have to be faced, in such a situation, water intake should be increased and cleanliness should also be taken care of. Diseases caused by lack of nutrients in the diet can knock. Headache can cause trouble. Pregnant women have to be alert, while working in the kitchen, it is advisable to be alert while using sharp things.

Lion- It is advisable to be active regarding fitness. It is very important for you to do yoga and exercise regularly. If possible go for morning walk. You will be seen getting upset due to the strain in the nerves. Sugar patients should be very careful during this period. Lack of physical exertion and uncontrolled diet can lead to problems with thyroid and obesity.

Virgo- Do not rush while driving, there is a possibility of an accident. Blood disorders or mental disorders can create problems, so do not take excessive load on the mind. Special care will also have to be taken for the teeth, young children of this zodiac must be brushed at night. Abdominal pain is likely. There will be a sudden decline in health due to headache. You will experience physical fatigue, lethargy and anxiety.

Libra- Diabetics need to be alert. If your mind is motivating you to do wrong hobbies i.e. drugs, then keep it disciplined, otherwise this bad habit will invite diseases. One has to be alert for minor accidents in the middle. It is necessary to take care of health as work worries can cause deterioration in your health.

Scorpio- It is advisable to stay away from infection in the month of March, because the time can come early in the grip of viral and infection. Parents should keep young children away from junk food, outside food, fried all these things. Exercise etc. should be included in the routine. Be alert for eye disorders, if the doctor has asked for operation etc. then plan should be done after the middle of the month.

Sagittarius- Talking about health, regular meditation yoga must be included in your routine from this month. Avoid consuming excessively greasy food. People who mostly skip dinner, doing so can be bad for your health, so make sure to eat a little but dinner. Be alert for vehicle accidents and control the speed by following the rules.

Capricorn- Migraine patients have to take regular medicine. Problems related to hair can also become the cause of your problems at this time, proper diet and getting enough sleep will be beneficial. Travelers are advised to carry their belongings from home, such as towels, shampoo, soap etc., because through these you can get infection related disease. Suryanarayan should be worshiped to get rid of diseases.

Aquarius- Wrong diet can trouble you. Therefore, special care has to be taken about the food and drink. The surgeons should take care of cleanliness. Foods that are healthy and to give nutrients to the body should be consumed more and more. At present, exercise is very important for health, so include yoga or exercise in your daily routine. To get health benefits, one should worship and serve Suryanarayan and Gurus.

Pisces- Exercise should be resorted to in health, it will also be successful in controlling the increasing weight. People suffering from the problem of appendix should be in touch with the doctor. Be aware of skin-related diseases, change of weather and wind can disturb. To prevent disease, attention has to be paid to increase immunity. Non-vegetarian people are advised to walk away from it this time.

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