More deaths of corona deaths and infections among people of this age group in India, analysis reveals

new Delhi: Compared to developed countries, India has reported more cases of corona virus infection in the age group of 40 to 69 years. Apart from this, more people of this age group are also included in the dead. Kovid-19 has been revealed by the largest analysis on the global epidemic so far.

Biggest analysis ever on Kovid-19

Researchers from the Government of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu are also involved in the analysis. The study has been published in the journal ‘Science’. It has been reported in the report that in both the states 5 lakh 75 thousand 71 people have been assessed the method of infection of Kovid disease. Based on the data, it has been reported that more cases of infection have been reported among the youth of both Indian states than in older countries. Apart from this, most of the youth are included in those who die from the disease.

The study says that exposure to infected people of the same age increases the risk of infection. He claims that this has been seen more in children from newborn to 14 years and more than 65 years of age. The ratio of cases of infection and death is 0.05 percent in the age group of five to 17 years while the ratio of 16.6 percent among those above 85 years of age.

In India, those aged 40 to 69 years are more infected

Researchers said that in both states, patients stayed on average five days in the hospital before death, whereas in the US, the patient had to stay in the hospital for about 13 days before death. Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu are among the states in India which have the highest number of health workers and also have the highest per capita public health expenditure. The study found that 63 percent of the dead were people who had previously suffered from a serious illness and 36 percent had two or more diseases before.

Scientists said that 45 percent of the dead people were suffering from diabetes. Scientist R Lakshminarayan of ‘Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics and Policy’ in New Delhi said, “The findings of the study provide information on how the epidemic has spread in low and middle-income countries. This study has infected the infected in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. Efforts were made to trace the people who came in contact with thousands of health care workers from both the states.

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