More than 141,000 people marched against the health pass, according to the Ministry of the Interior, a figure down again

There were 18,000 in Paris to demonstrate in five different processions.

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Mobilization weakens. For the eighth consecutive weekend, demonstrators against the health pass took to the streets, Saturday, September 4, all over France. They were 141,000 pounding the pavement during 215 actions throughout France, according to a report provided by the Ministry of the Interior. This is less than the previous Saturday when they were 160,000 to express their anger.

In Paris, where five rallies were scheduled for this 8th Saturday of mobilization, 18,000 demonstrators marched from the foot of the Eiffel Tower to the Invalides, at the call of the Patriots movement of Florian Philippot.

Some 21 people were arrested, including three in Paris. They were taken into police custody on Saturday in Paris for “violence and / or contempt of a person holding public authority”, on the sidelines of the demonstration against the health pass, franceinfo learned from a police source. A group broke away from the procession of demonstrators going to Bastille, and entered the Les Halles shopping center. The motorized violent actions repression brigade intervened. There was no degradation in the shopping center, according to the same source.

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