Most women ignore these symptoms of thyroid, be alert

Thyroid Gland: The thyroid gland is located in the area of ​​our throat and it is very small. But it plays an important role in keeping our body healthy and protecting it from many diseases. The thyroid gland also plays a big role in maintaining our metabolic system right. If this gland works too much or works too slowly, in both the cases disturbances arise in the body. This is the reason that when there is a problem of thyroid, then there is not one symptom but many different types of problems start appearing in the body, through which you can identify thyroid.

1. Sadness and Depression
The effect of thyroid is first visible on your mood. We are telling this first because our attention goes first when our mood is low or high. Mood is often low due to thyroid problem. There is a lack of sleep, fatigue starts to dominate and irritability increases. If these conditions persist for a long time, then it is a matter of depression.
Can lead to depression.

2. Constipation
When there is a disturbance in the thyroid gland, it also affects the metabolism. Due to this, problems like not cleaning the stomach properly, constipation, excessive gas formation, flatulence, bloating, etc. remain constant.

3. Clear these misconceptions
Most people think about thyroid that the weight of the person suffering from it increases. Although it is not completely correct. If one person becomes fat when suffering from thyroid, then the other person can also lose weight rapidly. Both these conditions are injurious to health.

4. Frequent hunger pangs
If there is a problem of thyroid, there is a strong appetite and there may be a problem of hunger again and again. That is, you have just eaten food and after half an hour you start feeling hungry again and this sequence should be continued continuously.

5. Swelling of the face and eyes
A very important symptom of underactive thyroid is abnormal accumulation of fluids. Due to this, there is often a problem of inflammation on different parts of the body. The main ones are the face and eyes. Do not take it lightly if you feel that you are getting enough sleep, eating right but still often get swollen face and eyes. Apart from thyroid, it can also be a symptom of anemia.

6. Non-normal heartbeat
The disturbance of the thyroid gland also affects the heartbeat. If you notice sudden increase in heart rate, nervousness, sweating or any other heart-related problem, then do not take it lightly and consult your doctor.

Disclaimer: The methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article are to be taken only as suggestions, ABP News does not confirm them. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet, consult a doctor.

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