Mother’s Day 2021 Date: When and why Mother’s Day is celebrated, know how it was started to celebrate this historic day

He never has badges on his lips

Just a mother who is never upset

In these verses of poet Munawar Rana, the full essence of the word mother is contained. In this word only, everyone’s world is covered. Mother… ..the biggest worship is done by saying these words. And it blesses God. Though it does not require any special time to express love to the mother, but still one day every year there is a mother’s day for the mother, which is called Mother’s Day. This time this day is on 9 May.

Why and when this tradition started

It is believed that the celebration of International Mother’s Day originated in America. That too in 1912, when an American activist named Ana Jarvis started celebrating this day after the death of her mother. The special thing is that there is not an opinion on the date of Mother’s Day in the whole world. In India, it is celebrated on the second Sunday of May, which will be on 9 May this time. So in Bolivia it is celebrated on 27 May. The women of Bolivia, who were taking part in the freedom struggle, were killed by the Spanish army on this date, due to which Mother’s Day is celebrated there on this day.

Show love to mother

Mother’s love is deeper than the ocean and higher than the sky, which is not possible to measure, weigh. We are lucky that we are getting that love. In such a situation, instead of hiding your feelings towards the mother, Mother’s Day is the day to tell it openly. So that in this runaway, emergency, we forget to say two things or are hesitant to say what they can say. So this Mother’s Day, you should also express your love for your mother … because

Whenever Kayak comes in my swamp

Mother comes in dream while praying

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