Moulin Rouge, Crazy Horse, Lido, Michou: Parisian cabarets will reopen in September

The Moulin Rouge, one of the most famous cabarets in the world, closed due to the pandemic since March 12, 2020, will reopen its doors on September 10 with a French cancan more frenzied than ever, promise the dancers who are pawing with impatience.

The Lido, another large feathered Parisian cabaret, will reopen its doors on September 16, while the Crazy Horse, temple of nude chic famous since 1951 for its dancers dressed only in projections of geometric patterns, will reopen on September 9. Mecca of transformism, the Michou cabaret will resume its crazy evenings on September 3.

On Monday, May 17 at the end of the morning, twelve dancers in French cancan petticoats cast their wheels in front of the Moulin Rouge to announce the reopening date, to the surprise of motorists on Boulevard de Clichy, noted an AFP journalist.

“I am extremely happy! It feels so good to finally have a date. We await the spectators with crazy impatience. The first French cancan of the cover, it will be something! It’s a very technical number, and after a break of more than a year, we will resume rehearsals very seriously all summer “, says Mathilde Tutiaux, 32 years old.

During confinement, she did a daily physical training at home, including using the kitchen worktop for her daily stretches.

“This is the first time in its history that the Mill has been closed for so long. Today, the planets are aligned. We are happy to be working on this recovery”, says Jean-Victor Clerico, general manager of the Moulin Rouge.

“If all goes well, in September, there will be no more distance even indoors. There are still unpredictable factors. If ever the meter of distance between each table is maintained, the seating capacity will drop by 50% with 450 places maximum “, he adds.

For Philippe Lhomme, president of the national union of cabarets and music halls (CAMULC), “restarting in September is reasonable taking into account the degraded gauges, the preparation of artists, the restart of the reservation networks and the return of international customers”.

“The French State has done a lot for the spectacle. We must continue to help operators. It is not because we reopen that everything will be wonderful. Support measures are essential for the restart, in particular credits of taxes “, says Philippe Lhomme, at the head of Crazy Horse Paris.

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