Movie Review: Andaman

Have you prepared to become an IAS? You will be able to see the taunts that society, family and relatives meet in the preparation of IAS, at the beginning of this film. The film is about a man who is preparing for civil services but did not get selected. Thereafter he becomes a Panchayat Secretary. Actually this film shows the truth of Indian system. It is a short film that tries to piece together administrative red tape, casteism, the problem of rural development and communalism. Perhaps today every officer of our administration should watch this film. Officials watch this film because you want to see better Hindustan or not? That’s just what this movie is about.

Review: This film is a scathing sarcasm of our system. This film is revealing all the poles of our system. No matter how much you talk about being developed, but the caste system is clinging to our society. There has not been much difference, when the Dalit village head says – he has left work, otherwise he will be scolded. This is the reality of rural India. There is a Panchayat Secretary who could not get selected in the IAS. Corona virus also comes in between. After that there is a lockdown. The Panchayat Secretary is in a village and the Quarantine Center is built there, which means to keep people there. I won’t tell you the full story out of emotions but there is a lot to see in the film. There is a lot of good in the film, like the Panchayat Secretary taking the stand and taking the Dalit Pradhan along in it. I wish all our officers were like this. While watching the film, you might remember some web series ‘Panchayat’. But the issue is for the betterment of our villages which some filmmakers are now raising. However, there are many things that may seem strange to you like the lower middle class panchayat secretary is using an iPhone. Well one thing has to be said that this is a good film to be made on corona virus and lockdown. Director Smita Singh has made a very good film with some funny scenes. In this, a sharp sarcasm has also been made on ‘WhatsApp University’, meaning stay away from social media, every information there is not correct. The right thing to know is that if a man does his duty properly, then no one can stop him. There is also a dialogue of an officer for dowry – Sorry sir, I have read Kaal Marks, remember it too, but the in-laws kept forcibly. That is, you will get to see the dual attitude of the society openly here. The attack on casteism that has been done in this film is rarely seen in films. It has been shown in the film that after a time, how every society gets scared of the corona virus. This film is very important to make people aware, at least in today’s environment. The film starts preaching in the middle that it is only giving the message of Corona while it was developing well. In the second half of the film, it gets completely off the track and you start getting bored. As good as the beginning of the film is, it has not been developed accordingly. Smita Singh is a debutant director and has been a journalist, perhaps with this film she will be able to develop a better understanding. It would have been better if the film was shorter.

Acting: Efforts have been made to promote the film in the name of other big actors but these are not the USP of this film. The hero of the film is the real hero of the society. The actors of the film may seem unintentional to you, but their acting is commendable. The lead actor of the film Anand Raj not only played the lead role of Panchayat Secretary in the film as Abhimanyu Pratap but also wrote the film. Anand Raj has acted well but to be honest, the second half of the film is a bit weak which is not capable of keeping you hooked. In the supporting role, all the actors have done their part well. It would have been better if Smita would have made different films, instead of wrapping everything in one film, would have become stronger. Though the ending of the film is childish but the effort was not bad either.

Why watch: It is a sincere effort in which an attempt has been made to reconcile many problems together. It is a bit weak but if there is a positive message then it has to be seen.


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