Movie Review: The Batman

Story: When Gotham City falls into the clutches of a depressed psycho killer, it is Batman who sets out to save everyone and comes out in front of everyone. But can he save himself and the rest from this dreaded villain, who is nowhere to stop to punish the liars and the corrupt and his only passion is to free this city from the corrupt.

Review: As far as stories and plot lines are concerned, “The Batman” is a fight against injustice and writer-director Matt Reeves grabs your attention from the very first scene and then doesn’t let it drift anywhere. . In this Batman reboot, there’s a villain, the Riddler, who is just as dangerous or even more dangerous than his superhero, who knows how to simply put to death corrupt people. This tussle between the two is interesting as we the audience get confused as to which side to go with. Batman, billionaire Bruce Wayne (Robert Pattinson) has returned to his job of superhero duty wearing a mask, but the murder of the city’s mayor (Rupert Penry-Jones) quite neatly changes his priorities. Very soon, even more powerful people start getting killed and the plot and plot of the story deepen. With each murder, the killer leaves behind a clue as before so that Batman can solve it. While doing so, the dreaded villain Riddler (Paul Dano) is also uncovering deep and unsettling secrets surrounding two of Gotham City’s most powerful families, who also have a deep connection to Batman. And so this time the matter is a bit personal. There are hardly any scenes in sunlight in the film with this psycho killer who has many unique ways to kill. It is reminiscent of Hollywood blockbusters like ‘Se7en’ and ‘Saw’, where Villain is like a watchman whose identity is hidden but his motive is clear that now lies will not work. It seems impossible to stop him, as he goes one step ahead of law enforcement and is also the hero of the film, who is often summoned to the scene by Investigating Officer James Gordon, Jeffrey Wright, and this absolutely kills his accomplices. does not like Reeves and his co-writer Peter Craig have put several twists in the plot of the film so that it does the job of keeping the audience firmly engaged. However, some of them aren’t very convincing, like a track by Selina Kyle Zo Kravitz – this is textbook, but it’s hard to believe. The actions are very organized and at a fixed interval, which includes scenes of punches, explosions and car chases in a dramatic fashion and everything is shown in small pieces, so it does not make much impact. The runtime is long and there are no comic scenes in between and darkness spreads throughout the film, but we are not complaining. Before the big revelations, there are many such suspense that hold you back. Robert Pattison is calm in the face of adversity and is effective. He looks quite agile and powerful in a Batman suit and without it, equally insecure who always looks troubled. Pattison has a magic that is hard to match. Zo Kravitz doesn’t disappoint, who gracefully transforms herself into a Catwoman avatar. It’s hard to identify Colin Farrell as the Penguin, but he’s the only character who gives the film some respite from a bit of comedy. Paul Dano Every Moment is a frustrated villain whose motive is right but the way is completely wrong.


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