Mozambique: jihadists take control of the city of Palma, the Total group suspends its operations in the country

Thousands of people flee the small port town in the northeast from Mozambique, located a few kilometers of the gas megaproject piloted by the French group Total.

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The city of Palma, located in northeastern Mozambique just ten kilometers from the gas megaproject piloted by the French group Total, fell into the hands of the jihadists after three days of fighting, officials said on Saturday (March 27th). safe sources.

On Wednesday afternoon, these jihadist groups launched a major attack on the city, simultaneously on three fronts, the very day the French giant announced the resumption of work on its gas exploitation site, supposed to be operational in 2024. The French giant, which “do not deplore a victim” on the Afungi site, took the decision to “keep staff to a minimum” of the site for security reasons.

The Muslim province of Cabo Delgago, bordering Tanzania and rich in natural gas, has been facing violent guerrilla warfare for more than three years. On Sunday, thousands of people continued to flee Palma, a city of 75,000 inhabitants, by all possible means. Some headed for the surrounding forests to hide there, others headed for the beaches where they boarded boats of all kinds.

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