Mukesh Khanna on ‘Shaktimaan’ – I am feeling more anxious than happy

The teaser of ‘Shaktimaan’ is in a lot of discussion right now. Popular TV character ‘Shaktimaan’ is now preparing to come on the big screen. Now Apna Desi Superhero, who will be seen on the small screen, is preparing to be seen in the film. Mukesh Khanna, who kept this character alive on the TV screen for so many years, has openly talked about this with ETimes.

Mukesh Khanna said that he is happy that everything is in place and a film on ‘Shaktimaan’ is going to be made soon. He said, ‘I had promised my fans that something like this would definitely come. Now more than feeling happy, I feel relieved that I can share this news with them now.

He said, ‘We were working on it, but I was waiting for the right time for the announcement. I had mentioned earlier that a film will be made on it. I feel free that I was able to fulfill the promise made to my fans and now we are going to make a film on Shaktimaan.

However, whether Mukesh Khanna will be a part of this film or not is still not clear. Talking about this, he said, ‘This is something that I still cannot disclose. I am associated with this film and also involved in the making. Now to what extent I will be able to connect with this film, it will be decided later. There are many things like casting, direction, which are still being worked on.

Talking on Shaktimaan, Mukesh Khanna said, ‘He is the biggest superhero in the world, because no one has the kind of power he has. Shaktimaan will remain as it was, only things around him will change. It is being made on a large scale keeping in mind today’s era. Its originality will remain the same in Shaktimaan and its origin will not change in the film also.


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