Murder of Ivry-sur-Seine: the teenager indicted “recognizes his participation” and “is crushed by his responsibility”, according to his lawyer

The 14-year-old indicted for the murder of a 17-year-old girl in Ivry-sur-Seine “recognizes its participation” and “gradually realizes gravity” facts, explained his lawyer Me Adrien Gabeaud, Monday, May 17 on franceinfo. The victim was stabbed Friday, May 14 after a quarrel born on social networks. The lawyer assures us that the exchanges on the internet were “devoid of threats” and did not target the victim’s family. In this kind of case, “social networks are an accelerator of the passage to the act because they allow an outbidding in an unbridled way”, analysis Me Adrien Gabeaud.

franceinfo: Is your client aware of what he has done?

Adrien Gabeaud: Little by little, he realizes the seriousness and the immense responsibility that he takes on, with his own words, that is to say with the words and a reflection of a young 14-year-old boy. This necessarily constitutes a lag with the maturity that an adult can observe when he is in the same situation. But he recognizes his participation and he is completely crushed by his responsibility and the consequences in all respects.

How does he explain his gesture, the fact of being gone upstairs to get a knife and stab a teenage girl?

He explains his gesture by answering all the questions put to him, giving chronological details, step by step and in no way does he explain it as a premeditated act. Moreover, no premeditation was held against him. And he explains these events in the sequence of several sequences which found their origin first in exchanges on social networks, then in a first sequence of brawl of which he was rather the object, which is true, and then in the third and final event where he went to get a knife that he used against the victim.

What triggered these tensions are therefore exchanges on social networks? Is it true that your client would have attacked the victim’s little sister?

It is not exactly that. There have been exchanges on social networks, these exchanges are free of threats. They were targeting people who have nothing to do with the victim’s family. On the other hand, the victim’s sister wanted to have an explanation with my client and she was accompanied by Marjorie, her brother and other people. And it is in this context that there was a first sequence of brawl of which my client was rather the victim, before the last sequence where my client armed with a knife caused the death of the victim.

You specialize in gang affairs, do you notice that social networks accentuate violence and settling of scores?

Yes, social networks are a facilitator and an accelerator of the passage to the act because they allow an outbidding, provocations, sometimes even threats, in an unbridled way, without filter, as if it were an outlet on both sides. else. The passage from the virtual, that is to say from social networks, to the real, with confrontations in the street, is facilitated, even accelerated by social networks. And we realize that the protagonists are getting younger and younger.

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