Murders in Drôme and Ardèche: investigators study the potential role of the suspect in another homicide and attempted homicide in Haut-Rhin

The trail of a murderous journey becomes clearer. Gabriel F., a 45-year-old unemployed engineer, sowed fear on Thursday, January 28, on the borders of Drôme and Ardèche by shooting in cold blood an employee of Pôle Emploi in Valence, then the HRD of a company where he had worked, before being arrested.

Police are now working on the link between the suspect and the murder of another human resources official on Tuesday January 26 in Wolfgantzen (Haut-Rhin), followed by the assault of an HR executive in the same department on the same day, France Télévisions learned.

An autopsy of this other HRD was carried out on Friday afternoon “at the forensic institute of Strasbourg”, announced the Colmar prosecutor’s office in the evening, which did not yet have the first conclusions. The victim, a woman in her thirties, was shot dead in her car in the parking lot of her company. She was HRD in the Knauf company.

According to investigators, she was killed “by use of a 9 mm Luger type handgun. Examination of the vehicle and the location of the events show that the author made use of his weapon on several occasions”, explains the prosecution. However, “if a similarity of weapon used is updated with the facts committed in Drôme (same type of weapon) it is not at this stage established that it is about the same weapon. Ballistic expertise that will be carried out will undoubtedly determine it “, specifies the prosecutor of Colmar.

Otherwise, a DNA link has been established between the suspect of the double murder committed Thursday and an attempted homicide also occurred in the Haut-Rhin, learned France Télévisions from a source close to the investigation. Tuesday, in Wattwiller, a man was shot but was not hit, the attacker having missed him by ten centimeters, according to his testimony to France Bleu Alsace. He has indicated that he and the woman killed in Wolfgantzen were “former colleagues” and “were still in relation”.

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