Music Day: “It’s the celebration of the return to life” for the former Minister of Culture Jack Lang

The former minister and creator of the music festival believes “to have contributed a little to getting the stranglehold” of health restrictions loosened.

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A music festival with sanitary rules, but a music festival all the same on June 21, 2021. No curfew or mask outside, except in the event of crowds. For the former Minister of Culture Jack Lang, guest of franceinfo the same day, it is “the feast of the return to life”, after one “year and a half of imprisonment”. He hopes that “everyone will find in this particular moment the opportunity to exchange, meet, touch and love each other”.

“I think I contributed a little to getting the noose loosened”, says Jack Lang, satisfied that “easing measures” have been taken regarding the health restrictions related to Covid-19. “You have to accept things as they are”, believes the former minister. Regarding the arrival of Jean-Michel Jarre at the Élysée Monday evening June 21, before being decorated by the President of the Republic, Jack Lang says he is delighted because “for the second time, electronic music is recognized and consecrated at the highest level of the State”.

After the evacuation by the police of a rave party in Redon (Ille-et-Vilaine) in which a young man lost a hand on Friday June 18, Jack Lang regrets that “for a year and a half, electronic music” be “specially bullied, dismissed, prevented from acting”. He wishes to set up “a system of mediation between the party-goers or the concert organizers and the public authorities to avoid this type of confrontation.”

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