Muslims from Moscow translate “Fratelli tutti”

Moscow (Russia)

From our correspondent

An unprecedented initiative. Muslims in Moscow just published the first Russian translation of Pope Francis’ third encyclical Fratelli tutti (All brothers).“A very strong symbol for fraternity in the world! “, says Father Gregorï Matrusov, representative of the Orthodox Patriarch for dialogue with Islam. “Why did our Muslim brothers translate it before us? It is a mystery, but a magnificent news: a new concrete step for those who want a rapprochement beyond the good words ”, he emphasizes.

The 280-page book has been published in 5,000 copies in a neat edition rich in annotations. “When we read the encyclical of Pope Francis, we understood that the text was not addressed only to Catholics but to all of us”, explains Imam Damir Mukhetdine, rector of the Islamic Institute in Moscow, conductor of this translation, of which he wrote the preface. “Behind this surprise and this gift, the message of our Muslim brothers is therefore all the stronger! “, enthuses Jean-François Thiry, head of the Pokrovskie Vorota cultural center, a rare place for interreligious meetings in Moscow, which organized the presentation of the translation. “We would like to see in this confirmation that the fundamentalist Muslim current is losing ground to the current open to dialogue. We must support this development! “


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