Must eat sattu in summer, diabetes and obesity will remain under control

When summer comes, people eat different things. You must eat sattu in summer. In Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, dishes are made especially from Sattu. Many dishes like Paratha, Sattu Kachori and Litti Chokha are made from Sattu. These dishes made from sattu are full of taste and health. In summer, by drinking Sattu in water, the heat can also be avoided. Many diseases can be cured by the use of Sattu. Eating sattu reduces obesity and sattu is also very beneficial for diabetic patients.

1- Reduces diabetes- Sattu contains beta-glucan which reduces the rising glucose and controls the sugar level in the blood. Sugar patients should consume sattu daily. However, you should not eat sattu with sugar.

2- Reduces obesity- Sattu contains many nutrients. You can use sattu to give complete food to the body. By drinking sattu, one does not feel hungry for a long time. Due to which the weight is reduced.

3- Removes anemia- If there is a shortage of blood in your body then you can drink sattu. If you are suffering from anemia, you can drink sattu in water daily.

4- You will get energy from Sattu- If you are feeling tired or need immediate energy then you can drink gram sattu. Chana sattu contains minerals, iron, magnesium and phosphorous, which gives instant energy to the body.

5- Gives coolness and protects from heat- Sattu is cold in nature, so in summer you can drink sattu to keep the stomach cool. Drinking sattu also reduces the risk of heat stroke. It also reduces many stomach related diseases.

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