Naagin 6: Baba of custom is the fifth Asur, unaware of this, Sheshnagin will take a new look on Ramnavami

In today’s episode of Naagin 6, the biggest revelation comes when it comes to know that the Baba of Nagalok of the practice (Tejasswi Prakash) is the fifth Asur of this country. Unaware of this, Pratha goes to Yamuna river to save her Baba, where she is very happy to have him.

The custom reached to kill Rishabh’s brother
Pratha assumes that one of the five demons she has to eliminate is Rishabh’s brother and is about to kill him, but only then she realizes that she is not guilty and spares him.

the demons behind the diamond

After this everyone goes to a party where everyone’s eyes are on a diamond and everyone just thinks that it is Naagmani. However, when everyone comes to know that it is not a naagmani but a minor diamond, then everyone’s eyes go away.

Conspiracy to dissolve poison in Yamuna
It is further shown in the episode that a conspiracy has been hatched to drop a bus full of school children into the Yamuna river as there is poison in that bus. But Pratha takes out every child in that bus safely and saves the bus from falling.

Baba is the fifth demon of tradition
Further, the biggest revelation comes when it comes to know that the Baba of the custom is the fifth Asur and the practice is unaware of this. She goes running when her father sees her drowning in the water. Pratha then saves them and brings them to their homes. Coming here, she says that he is her guru and will stay here now. In the coming episodes it will be shown that Pratha has assumed a different form on Ram Navami and has set out to destroy the Asuras.


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