Naagin 6, February 19 Written Update: Rishabh saved the practice’s job, ‘Naagin’ killed the first demon

The 6th season of the popular TV serial ‘Naagin’ started last week. It was shown in two episodes that the crisis of epidemic is looming over the country. Professor (Manit Joura) and Naagin (Mehk Chahal) have united to save the country from this cataclysm. The new episode of ‘Naagin 6’ begins Saturday, February 19, when Pratha (Tejaswi Prakash) is entering the room where Naagin is killing her manager ‘Asura’.

Even before Pratha can enter the room, his manager runs away from the window. The serpent also follows him and catches him in the forest and kills him. The professor, on the other hand, worries that none of the asuras have yet seen their faces. The serpent reaches the professor and is happy and tells that he has killed an asura, but the professor tells him that earlier when the serpent used to take revenge, that face was visible in his eyes, but now when the serpent turns into these asuras. If she takes revenge on her, her face will be seen in this painting. Since no face is visible in the painting, it clearly means that the serpent killed the wrong person. That person is not an Asur, but the serpent says that then who is there in that family, whose leg is broken!

Rishabh doubts the practice

On the other hand, Pratha calls her father and tells her that she has lost her job. He feels that Army Officer Captain Rishabh Gujral (Simmba Nagpal) must have complained to him, so he has to lose his job. At the same time, Rishabh talks to his brother Ritesh that if that girl (Pratha) has saved our lives, then her job should be saved. However, Rishabh does so deliberately, as he feels that Pratha has some secret. He feels the practice is involved in some mission. So he saves her job.

Urvashi’s husband is looting the country
Rishabh’s mother Seema Gujral’s (Sudha Chandran) best friend Urvashi (Urvashi Dholakia) talks to her husband, who is the country’s minister, about a 5 lakh consignment. Urvashi’s husband says that an epidemic is spreading in the world. Then hunger will spread. After this other countries will need its weapons.

Supporting enemies

Meanwhile, Urvashi says that both her daughters have got good boys. No one will doubt us. Then Urvashi’s husband says, ‘Everyone thinks that I am supporting the country, but I am supporting the enemies of the country.’ Meanwhile, it is shown in the flashback that some people get a person from a neighboring country to enter their country and that person spreads the epidemic by mixing something in the water.

serpent’s plot
Meeting the Professor, the Security Manager (Mehk Chahal) returns to the party going on at Gujral House. She tries to find the man with the broken leg, who is a demon in human disguise. She brings a lot of small snakes in a basket and leaves them on the floor. A person who does not feel a snake in his feet is an asura.

got the asura
The people present in the party get scared after seeing the snake. Seema Gujral complains to the security manager that how did so many snakes come inside, then she says that they must have come from the window in the evening. Meanwhile, she first finds the Asura.

Pratha gets the job back
On one hand all this is going on in the house and on the other hand Pratha is waiting for her cab on the road, but then Rishabh comes there and tells Pratha that he has not been fired. She gets very happy hearing this and comes back in the house.

Rs 8 crore hidden in the house
On one hand, the ring ceremony is going on in the house, meanwhile Urvashi’s husband gets a call from someone and he gets a little upset and goes to the room. Urvashi also follows them. He tells her that Rs 8 crore is hidden in the house and this is the defense officer’s house. There is such tight security, so no one will know that he sold his country!

Not Urvashi, Nagin!
While talking, Urvashi makes her husband lie on the bed and with a jerk, uproots his fake leg. Until her husband understands something, he sees that she is not his wife, but the security manager ie Mehak Chahal in the guise of a serpent. The serpent was about to kill him, but sometimes Urvashi comes in the room and the serpent has to hide.

piece of paper
On the other hand, Rishabh gets upset with half a piece of paper which says that the country is in danger. He tells his friends that someone wants to send a message to him. He also tells that after seeing a girl (pratha), he feels that he has seen her somewhere, but he will keep on finding out about it, because his grandfather had also laid down his life for the country and that too. will protect.

half of the paper in the custom’s bag
Seema Gujral, reprimanding the practice, says that all the work should be done on time. In such a situation, the custom has to stay there for the 8 day wedding function. She stops, but she does not have a mobile charger. She asks Rishabh to make an urgent call, but he starts asking many questions. Meanwhile, Ritesh gives her his phone. Then Pratha’s handbag falls on the ground. While keeping things in it, Rishabh sees half of the paper.

custom’s fiancee
Pratha gets upset because of how her fiancé will tell Mayank that she will have to stay there for 8 days due to work. Meanwhile, an atmosphere of fun is also seen in the house. Along with Mehak Chahal, the entire Gujral family dances fiercely in the function.

Seema also included in the deal
Meanwhile, Urvashi’s husband and security manager start talking about last night. Then Urvashi comes there. He tells her that there is a meeting to be held and he will go to the room and wait. Seema Gujral comes for this meeting. Then it is exposed that only Urvashi’s husband is not alone in looting the country. The security manager overhears his words. He learns that the two have been dealing for years and are now going to become relatives from business partners. However, half the people in the family do not know about it. The serpent says in her mind, ‘Not just one person, but many people are selling this country. Many will have to take revenge.

service of family instead of country
Meanwhile, Naagin once again tries to kill Urvashi’s husband. Adds her poison to her glass of wine, but once again she fails. Meanwhile, he learns that he is spending the country’s money on his family. Gives the most expensive gifts to daughters and is going to make a huge deal for their future generations.

Pratha and Mayank’s rift
On the other hand, Pratha prepares Ubtan for the Haldi ceremony in the kitchen, but her fiance Mayank reaches there. She is shocked to see him. Mayank doubts Pratha and says that she does not trust anyone. Pratha tries to convince him, but he quietly mixes turmeric by breaking the glass, so that the Gujral family can fire him himself.

The real form of the fragrance has come to the fore
Urvashi asks her husband to rest in another room. He is sleeping, when the security manager comes there in his serpent avatar. Urvashi’s husband gets shocked seeing her. The serpent says, ‘You have killed thousands of innocent people, now it is your turn. You are cheating the country. He is breaking every border to earn money. Shaking hands with beheaders. Wants to rule by doing traitors.’ During this, a patriotic song plays in the background.

Are there other people involved?
Urvashi’s husband tells Naagin that he is not alone. There are many people behind him, who will do this work. Naagin asks who has met with him, after which he points towards Rishabh. Not only this, the serpent looks at other people in his eyes, but does not understand their face. He also learns that the other Asura has a mole in his hand. Isn’t that Rishabh?


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