Naagin 6, February 20 Written Update: Is Rishabh the second Asura, Shesh Naagin took his life?

Ekta Kapoor’s ‘Naagin 6’ has started with a bang. In the last episode we saw that Shesh Naagin (Mehk Chahal) has started destroying the Asuras who are destroying the country. The first Asur is none other than the father-in-law of Rishabh Gujral (Simba Nagpal). Shesh Naagin has also taken the first step to kill Asura but she does not succeed. At the same time, love for Tejasswi Prakash has started rising in Rishabh’s mind.

Is Rishabh Gujral another Asur?
Confusion has arisen once again in front of Shesh Naagin because such a truth has come to the fore in front of him which has shocked even the audience. Actually Rishabh Gujral’s father-in-law i.e. the first Asur has given some similar indications, after which the rest of the serpent becomes suspicious of Rishabh whether he is the second Asur?

Pratha and Rishabh’s growing proximity
The closeness between Rishabh and Pratha has started increasing. Rishabh saves Pratha’s job when Rishabh’s mother-in-law (Urvashi Dholakia) and mother (Sudha Chandran) ask Pratha to be fired. Along with this, he is also seen helping her in household chores.

death of the first demon
The Professor and the rest of the serpents have previously managed to kill the Asura. But other problems have also come upon them. In fact, Mayank, who happens to be a customary husband to Shesh Nagin, sees how she kills Rishabh’s father-in-law.

Rishabh and Rohit’s turmeric
Rishabh and Rohit’s haldi rituals are over. Meanwhile, turmeric is shattered by the custom, which angers Rishabh’s mother. At the same time, due to the increase of the epidemic, Rishabh’s mother took her decision that she is going to get Rishabh married today. Hearing this, his son gets angry. Rishabh refuses to marry that such a big epidemic is spreading in the country and he chooses the country first. He decides to return to his duty to help the country in the pandemic.

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The minister had told this identity of the second demon
Rishabh’s future father-in-law and minister had told Shesh Nagin the identity of the second Asura before dying that the second Asur has a mole on his palm. After getting this signal, the remaining serpents start looking for another asura. He learns that this mole is not on someone else’s palm but on Rishabh’s palm. The suspense remains whether Rishabh is the second Asura.

The rest of the serpent will take life
Shesh Naagin suspects Rishabh that he is the other Asura. Naagin gets his moving vehicle into an accident to eliminate him, but Rishabh escapes due to this attack of the serpent. But Naagin chases Rishabh and she kills him. Well, it is not clear yet whether Rishabh has really died or is he alive. On the other hand, Rishab is in a dilemma as to who is doing all this to him.

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