Naagin 6 Spoiler: Will Rishabh come to know about the truth of Pratha being a serpent?

In ‘Naagin 6’ where Rishab’s father comes to know about the reality of Sheshnagin. He tries to tame the snake charmers by calling them. He catches her by throwing a net. That’s when the custom comes. And tells that she is also a serpent. After this Pratha comes in the form of a serpent, which Mr. Gujral is shocked to see. At the same time, Rishabh, who already hates Pratha, tells her that she will be ruined by this marriage. And both are seen standing in the wedding pavilion with a jaimala.

In the February 27 episode of Naagin 6, it is shown that Pratha agrees to marry Ritesh. Rishabh then tells Reem that Ritesh has called off Riya’s marriage. Reem is shocked to hear this and asks her to break her marriage as well. Rishabh stops her and says that she has to get married. He loves her very much and will marry only Reem. On the other hand, Shesh Nagin reaches Bholenath’s temple and asks for help and faints. Then many snakes come and give him powers. And he regains consciousness. On the day of Shivratri, Rishabh’s entire family again comes to visit the temple. Here Ritesh finds Pratha. Then Seema and Urvashi also come along with Reem and Pratha. Urvashi says that their friendship will never break. After that both of them leave. Ritesh then tries to see the custom but Baa comes and stops him. Then Pratha’s dupatta catches fire and Rishabh extinguishes it.

Shesh Nagin gets his second Asura. She sees a black mole in the hand of Rishabh’s father and follows him into the forest. But after going there Mr. Gujral tells that he knows that he is a serpent, so he has called the snake charmers. Then the snake charmers come and start subduing the rest of the serpents. At the same time, Mayank also tells Rishabh that his father’s life is in danger as Naagin will kill him and his father.


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