NASA attempts high-risk Mars landing

DECRYPTION – The NASA mission, the cost of which exceeds $ 2.5 billion, must land Thursday evening at 9:55 p.m. after a succession of automatic maneuvers without any margin for error.

Taking advantage of the firing window that opens every two years to reach Mars inexpensively, three probes took off last summer a few weeks apart. The first two, respectively Chinese and Emirati, arrived last week after seven months of travel and placed themselves in orbit around the red planet. Last but not least, It is now the turn of the American mission “Mars 2020” to enter the scene for the big show Thursday evening: an atmospheric reentry of all dangers at more than 23,000 km / h which must end in apotheosis with the landing of the Perseverance rover. A 2.5 billion dollar machine whose main objective will be to collect samples which will then have to be brought back to Earth.

The laboratory analysis means are so powerful that the study of Martian rocks should make it possible to better understand the history of Mars, and finally provide an answer to this nagging question: was there a day of

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