Naseeruddin Shah asked Indian Muslims celebrating the return of the Taliban – should they reform their religion or savagery

The Taliban has once again ruled Afghanistan and this issue is currently in the headlines all over the world. From special to common people are giving their feedback on this. Veteran actor of Bollywood Naseeruddin Shah has targeted Indian Muslims who support Taliban. Naseeruddin Shah has released a video, which is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

In a video that surfaced on social media, Naseeruddin Shah said, “While the Taliban regaining rule in Afghanistan is a matter of concern for the world, it is no less dangerous than that of some sections of Indian Muslims celebrating the return of those ghastly . Today every Indian Muslim should ask himself the question whether he wants to reform and modernize his religion or he wants to live with the barbarism of the past centuries.

Naseeruddin Shah further said, ‘I am a Hindustani Muslim and as Mirza Ghalib has said, my relationship with Allah Mian is very different, I do not need any political religion. Hindustani Islam has always been different from Islam around the world and may God not bring that time to change so much that we cannot even recognize it.

The Taliban captured Afghanistan on 15 August. After this, some Muslim organizations in India justified the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan and expressed happiness over it. Naseeruddin, famous for his impeccable style, has reacted on this matter.

Naseeruddin Shah


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