Natalia M. King, at the roots of the blues

The last time we spoke with Natalia M. King was when Donald Trump was elected President of the United States. The American singer and guitarist cried in frustration and anger, confiding her fears to The cross.Since then shehad been silent. Five years later, his return to the music scene is all the more dazzling. Women Mind of My Own, title of his seventh album and of an obvious song – the first of the disc -, strongly asserts the American heritage of the blues.

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Its deep range punctuated by incandescent vocal bursts is made for the blues, the real one, the one that grates the soul and the console. A song that uplifts and promises, stirring in the depths of frank and pure emotions. The singer carries it high, like a freedom conquered in music and in life. “I am treated as a hard-headed woman / I answer that I work there every day”, she chants, taking on Bessie Smith accents for this acoustic blues accompanied by Fabien Squillante’s slide guitar.

“The blues is at the root of my first songs, of my love for music, she says. I started in the Open Mike American bars and clubs. The microphone is open, we go, we sing. I played Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and these three rocks of the blues, Big Mama Thornton, Bessie Smith and Ma Rainey. “ This woman of convictions was also inspired by Etta James, and Aretha Franklin, “Strong and stubborn women who believe in themselves, in what they do”.

Caressing accents à la Billie Holiday

Anger and love, spirituality and abandonment, Women Mind of My Own unleashes all the art of Natalia M. King. She fervently sings of sadness and courage, of the couples who come apart and those who still believe in it, the gift of oneself, the hope. Drawing on blues, jazz, country, soul and rock, each of his nine songs revives this heritage through vocals and instrumentation.

Forget Yourself, soul ballad with moving sweetness, next to a revival of the very political Pink houses by John’Cougar’Mellencamp, in a duet with veteran rock and folk Elliott Murphy, 72. “We recorded it on the eve of Joe Biden’s election to say what America and the American Dream mean. ” Another tonic duet with New Zealand rocker Grant Hua fever Lover (You Don’t Treat Me No Good). The end of a love is expressed in an atmosphere bluesy with So Far Away.

The artist clicks the notes in the intense Play on, proudly claims his freedom in Aka Chosen, resumes One More Try by George Michael in stripped down version. She is never as fair and moving as when, finding caressing accents à la Billie Holiday, she surrenders wholeheartedly to a shared love. Sunrise to Sunset, from sunrise to sunset. “I was inspired by Sufi poetry, she explains. We do not know if we are talking about our love for the loved one or for a higher force, a spiritual light, the Consciousness with a capital C which, in each of us, lifts us towards the Good. “

Dixiefrog, a Parisian American music label

The singer who lives in Provence still remains a well-kept secret of music lovers. She could take off with this album produced in France, thanks to a series of meetings. “Sophie Louvet, a music press officer, contacted me and referred me to Dixiefrog. Without it, nothing would have been possible! “, says Natalia M. King. François Maincent, co-director with André Brodzki of this independent Parisian label specializing in country, folk and blues, finds him the virtuoso of the guitar Fabien Squillante to accompany him, as well as a brilliant set of musicians, including Ismail Benhabyles at the piano, Vincent Peirani on the accordion …

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Thanks to Dixiefrog, “The most humanistic, loving, inspired label I have ever had”, the singer is preparing a series of concerts in 2022 in France and dreams of a tour in the United States. “I have reached the middle of my life, everything has to go further, bigger, deeper. And I want to find my native land, my country, my people. “ A first step will be taken in March 2022, when Natalia M. King will appear before the jurors of the most prestigious awards in her discipline, the Blues Music Awards in Memphis (Tennessee).


Natalia M. King in a few dates

1969. Natalia Maria King was born in Brooklyn in a single-parent family. She was raised with her brother by their mother of Dominican origin.

1980s. Enlisted in the Navy to finance his studies in sociology and history, then worked in various odd jobs across the United States.

1998. Arrives in Paris, sings in the metro, and opens for Diana Krall at the Olympia.

2002. Milagro, first album, rock, will be followed by Fury and Sound (2003), Flesh Is Speaking (2005) and Sincerely Yours (2007).

2014-2016. Soulblazz and Bluezzin T’il Dawn, soul-jazz turn.

2021.Woman Mind of My Own, seventh album (Dixiefrog).

2022. Contributes to Blues Music Awards of Memphis for Female Artist of the Year and Best Album.


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