National tribute: “Samuel Paty has become the face of the Republic”

Tonight, I will not talk about the procession of terrorists, their accomplices and all the cowards who committed and made this attack possible. (…) Tonight I want to talk to you about Samuel Paty “. In a Latin Quarter under high surveillance, it is the setting of the Sorbonne, a Mecca of knowledge and Enlightenment, which was chosen for a sober and popular ceremony, during which the Nation paid homage to this murdered teacher ” because he embodied the Republic “, that “ that is reborn every day in the classrooms », Said Emmanuel Macron after having awarded him the Legion of Honor posthumously, in a small committee.

In the main courtyard of this 5e arrondissement of Paris, the President of the Republic wished to recall Samuel Paty’s love for books – ” his apartment was a library “- and for the transmission of knowledge, a” path traced by you his parents, teachers and director in Moulins “, He added, addressing the family of Samuel Paty, father of a 5-year-old child.

“Make Republicans”

Emmanuel Macron again described a man who “ had read the Koran, respected his students, whatever their beliefs “, Who could” spend nights learning the history of religions “And who questioned himself a thousand times,” as for this course on freedom of expression and freedom of conscience that he had been preparing since July, again last summer at Moulins », Alongside his parents. It was at the end of this course that the controversy over which he was killed on Friday, October 16 was born.

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To make republicans’, that was Samuel Paty’s fight, also said the President of the Republic. And if this task today may seem titanic, especially where violence, intimidation, sometimes resignation take over, it is more essential, more topical, than ever. “Emmanuel Macron promised to give back to teachers” the power, place and authority that are theirs “. ” The pressures, the abuse of ignorance and obedience that some would like to introduce have no place with us “He said, explaining that” we will not give up caricatures, drawings, even if they shock, even if others recoil “.

We will continue

In the main courtyard, among 400 guests, the tribute was attended by around a hundred middle and high school students from all over France (Nice, Troyes, Caen, Reims, etc.), with among them, several former students of Samuel Paty. ” I had theimpression he was talking about our teacher when he painted the portrait of Samuel Paty “Blows Jonas, a final year student in Paris. ” Lhe President of the Republic spoke on our behalf when he said that despite the horrors, we must stay strong and united », Adds Naomi, a final year student in Paris.

Maryse, senior education advisor, was present with three of her high school students to represent the Caen academy. ” A form of life-size moral and civic education lesson that we could have done without », She comments. “ The school is also there to develop a critical mind, the acceptance of differences. If we deprive ourselves of that, what is left? She wonders. Having come with her, Lilian and Lilou had had 24 hours to prepare themselves psychologically for this singular day. The situation, the context, the very drama that unfolded last Friday seems unreal to them, and the three young high school students were slowly overcome by emotion. ” No teacher should be afraid to teach », Zoe says.

Last week, Wednesday October 14, in the same Sorbonne, a seminar on secularism was held in the presence of the Minister of Education Jean-Michel Blanquer, with the presentation of new statistics on attacks on the latter (935 reports between September 2019 and March 2020, start of confinement). At the end of the tribute to Samuel Paty, Emmanuel Macron symbolically addressed him, promising him that ” we will continue “,” this fight for freedom and for reason “. ” Because in France, professor, the lights never go out “.


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