Nearly 90,000 jobs still created in France in the third quarter

Posted Nov 8, 2022, 9:19 AM

Stronger than the crisis and fears of a forced landing in the economy. Salaried employment in the private sector is once again showing its resilience in France, defying forecasts and economic models from before the Covid crisis. It increased by 0.4% in the third quarter, or 89,400 additional jobs compared to the end of June, according to a provisional estimate published by INSEE on Tuesday morning.

Not only is this increase at the same level as that – still very strong – observed in the previous quarter, but it is clearly better than what the national statistical institute anticipated just over a month ago. Economic slowdown requires, INSEE predicted a gain of 59,000 jobs (private and public combined) from July to September.

Merchant tertiary, industry…

Employment continues to increase “almost at the same pace as in the first two quarters after +0.5% in the second (+93,000 jobs) and +0.4% in the first (+88,200)”, underlined INSEE in his press release.

In detail, it is in the commercial tertiary sector that the workforce increased the most (+0.5%), ahead of industry (+0.4%), while they fell by 1.7% in agriculture, according to the Ministry of Labor.

More information to follow….

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