Nicolas hulot

Looking at the reports from these days concerning Nicolas Hulot and the investigation conducted by Élise Lucet on France Télévisions, I feel uneasy about the way to deal with this subject. On the one hand, I can only approve all the initiatives allowing to shed light on the violence against women yesterday and today, to free their word and to unmask these men, even several years after the facts, who have abused of them, trapped them, sometimes broke them, including when the man in question is a public or religious man, because there should be no impunity in the matter. But, on the other hand, I don’t really buy into the media lynching and destruction of a man who didn’t just be predatory, rapist, or dominant. Like others, he also made a positive contribution to society during his lifetime. Where is the respect for the human person, this multifaceted being, even when he is at fault? Of course, he must be found “guilty” of having committed such acts (if they are proven) – but by what body? Certainly not by the vox populi or by journalists – and probably the limitation period should be extended for these acts, but should the accused be “destroyed”? (…)

Eric S.


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