Niger: a series of attacks kills 203 in six days

“The government condemned these barbaric acts perpetrated by individuals without faith or law” and decreed “a national mourning of three days” from Tuesday.

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Niger was hit on Sunday March 21 by new attacks by suspected jihadists. They killed 137 people in the west of the country, six days after other violence in which 66 people died. “In the afternoon, the localities of Intezayane, Bakorat, Woursanat and several other hamlets and camps located in the Tillia department (…) were attacked by armed bandits “, the Nigerien government announced on Monday evening. Armed men on motorcycles “shot at everything that moves” in these villages, added a local elected official. Another claimed that these attackers also “took away the cattle”.

“By now systematically targeting civilian populations, these armed bandits are taking another step forward in horror and barbarism“, denounced the spokesperson for the executive, in a statement read on public television. “The government condemned these barbaric acts perpetrated by lawless individuals” and decreed “a three-day national mourning“starting Tuesday.

The targeted region is close to the border with Mali and regularly the target of jihadist attacks. These attacks constitute the biggest challenge facing the new head of state, Mohamed Bazoum, whose presidential victory was confirmed on Sunday by the Constitutional Court of Niger.

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