Nigeria: 12 dead in repression of peaceful protests in Lagos, according to Amnesty International

The army and police opened fire on two rallies against police violence in Lagos on Tuesday.

At least twelve people were killed Tuesday evening October 20 by the army and the police of Nigeria, which opened fire on two peaceful rallies in Lagos, the country’s economic capital, denounced the NGO Amnesty International on Wednesday.

Ten people died at the Lekki toll booth in southern Lagos, where the army opened fire on thousands of protesters around 7 p.m. local time on Tuesday, according to the human rights NGO. In Alausa, a district in central Lagos where another peaceful rally had been organized, at least two demonstrators were killed, and another seriously injured, by fire from the police, adds the organization.

The European Union and the UN have condemned the violence. The EU judges “crucial that those responsible for these abuses are brought to justice”. On their side, the United Nations calls for “the end of brutality and police abuse in Nigeria”. Declaring himself “extremely concerned”, the UK also called for “end the violence” and requested an investigation.

For the past two weeks, thousands of young Nigerians have been pounding the pavement in the big cities of the most populous country in Africa, the continent’s leading economic power. The protest, born to denounce police violence, has gradually spread to demands against the central power and bad governance. In addition to a better representation of youth on the political scene, the demonstrators demand in the processions an increase in wages and more jobs.

At least 18 people, including two police officers, had already been killed during the marches, which had until recently been largely peaceful.

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