‘No one will take a risk of even 50 Cr over Sunil Shetty’, the actor said – I made many mistakes

Suniel Shetty made his Bollywood debut in the year 1992 with the movie ‘Balwan’. He also earned a lot of name from films like ‘Mohra’, ‘Border’, ‘Kaante’, ‘Saput’ and ‘Hera Pheri’. His image was made of an action hero on screen. In a superhit film like Dhadak, he appeared in a gray shade. But despite this, Sunil Shetty feels that he could not rule the screen like Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan or Ajay Devgn. Sunil Shetty has made a mistake in his recent interview, Suniel Shetty admits Career mistakes, due to which he had to suffer this bruise.

‘There was a Sunil Shetty who later failed’

“There was a Sunil Shetty who failed after a few years because he believed in the subject,” says Sunil Shetty, speaking to news agency IANS. But there was a chase in marketing. ‘ Sunil Shetty admits that he always came on screen with a non-romantic image. Today, Sunil says about the newcomers like Tiger Shroff and Ayushman Khurana, “This new generation has come forward with a special kind of cinema, but over time they will also have to experiment.”

Praise of tiger and ayushman

Both Sunil Shetty praise Tiger actors Ayushman. He says, “Building an image on the screen is very important. Both these actors have definitely created an image of themselves. I greatly appreciate the work and name of both of them. ‘

‘I tried to play safe’

Sunil Shetty further talked about his career mistake and said, ‘My problem is not that I have become typecast. My problem has been that I always wanted to play safe. If you work with just a few people or with one director, with a banner, it means that you do not have the ability to make decisions. ‘

‘You have to make your own style like Salman’

Sunil Shetty says that if you are not taking risks, you are not an actor. You have to make your own style. He says, ‘Look at Tiger, take Ayushman, look at Salman Khan, all of them have decided their own path. We are all self-made. Yes, we have made some mistakes. But at the same time there were also Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgan, whose star shone brightly. ‘

‘People will take a risk of 500 crores on Akshay’


Sunil Shetty adds, “There was a Sunil Shetty who failed after a few years because he believed in the subject.” But there was a chase in marketing. I am trying to say that today no one would like to take even a risk of Rs 50 crore with Sunil Shetty. Whereas, along with Akshay Kumar, the same people will also take a risk of 500 crore rupees.

‘My mistakes will be useful for son Ahaan’

Sunil Shetty says that he has learned from his mistakes. He would also like to fix it. He says, “Perhaps the things I have learned from my mistakes will be useful in my son Ahaan’s career.” Sunil Shetty’s son Ahaan Shetty is all set to enter Bollywood. In a conversation with Navbharat Times last year, Sunil had expressed his wish that if there was a remake of Dhadak, he would like to have Ahan Shetty in it.


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