North: five managers of a kennel in police custody suspected of animal abuse

The kennel took in animals in deplorable conditions, and their owners picked them up emaciated, covered in fleas and excrement. A dead dog was found. His skull was split open.

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Five managers of a kennel in the Lille metropolis were arrested in Wavrin and Haubourdin on Wednesday for suspicion of animal abuse, reports France Bleu Nord on Friday. These five people, members of the same family, are “suspected of serious abuse of domestic animals, in particular acts of torture (such as hangings resulting in the death of the animal) and illegal veterinary acts (trafficking fleas, unregulated euthanasia)”, explains the prosecutor of the Republic of Lille Carole Etienne.

During these searches, the gendarmes discovered “122 dogs, mainly Belgian shepherds and five cats in a state of obvious neglect”, says the prosecution. The body of a frozen dog, whose skull was split open, was also found. Justice also suspects those responsible for this kennel of tax evasion and hidden work. 20,000 euros in cash were seized during the searches and 64 bank accounts are under investigation. According to the prosecutor of Lille, the damage for the Urssaf is “already estimated at more than 230,000 euros”.

According to information from France Bleu Nord, the kennel welcomed animals in a deplorable state, and their owners recovered them emaciated, covered with fleas and excrement. The kennel also carried out dog breeding, it is suspected of having killed in a particularly cruel way, such as hanging, animals deemed not efficient enough.

The animals found inside the kennel were entrusted to the SPA, whose representatives were present at the time of the gendarmerie operation. The president of the SPA Jean-Charles Fombonne describes. This contrasts with the exterior of the building “all clean, irreproachable”, according to the director of the SPA. Jean-Charles Fombonne thus advises people who entrust their animals to a lifelong kennel “return to the premises”.

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