North Korea continues to build nuclear arsenal and missile capabilities despite sanctions, says UN report

This annual document, produced by experts in charge of monitoring the arms embargo and international economic sanctions, has just been given to the 15 members of the Security Council.

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North Korea has continued for a year to develop its nuclear arsenal and its missile capabilities despite international sanctions imposed on Pyongyang, says a confidential UN report to which AFP had access on Saturday February 5. In terms of armaments, which the international community is trying to limit, Pyongyang “continued to maintain and develop its nuclear and ballistic missile programs in violation of Security Council resolutions”emphasizes this annual document which has just been submitted to the 15 members of the UN Security Council.

“Although no nuclear tests or intercontinental missile launches were reported, North Korea has continued to develop its nuclear fissile material production capability.”, adds the report produced by the UN experts responsible for monitoring the arms embargo and the international economic sanctions imposed on North Korea. For a year, Pyongyang “demonstrated increased rapid deployment capabilities, high mobility (including at sea) and improved resilience of its missile forces”also note the experts.

“Maintenance and development of North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic missile infrastructure continued” and this country “continued to seek equipment, technology and know-how for these programs abroad, in particular through computer means and joint scientific research”they assure.

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