“Notre Temps” advocates the virtues of prevention

Our relationship with health has been deeply shaken by the pandemic. ” At the start of the crisis, we lived without curative treatment with only barrier gestures to avoid contagion. And, at the same time, we realized that the most vulnerable were people with chronic diseases. », Emphasizes Sylvia Pinosa, deputy editor-in-chief of the brand new Our Health & Well-being Time. However, around 20 million French people suffer from chronic illness (tension, overweight, etc.), ie a third of the population.

This twofold observation has reinforced the need for prevention, a strong focus of the quarterly publication proposed from this Monday, September 6 by the magazine. Our time, edited by Bayard. ” As we have known for a long time, prevention is based on three pillars: healthy diet, physical activity and mental balance. », Continues Sylvia Pinosa.

Individual health and the health of the planet

Our Health & Well-being Time will therefore pay particular attention to these subjects, ” in an attractive, illustrated and colorful form, in a positive and encouraging tone, because taking care of yourself is certainly not a thought! This benevolence towards oneself meets the larger concern for that of the planet – a reality that the pandemic has also brought to the fore.

The new quarterly therefore includes an environmental report, ” to concretely promote our ecological transformation on a daily basis, explains Sylvia Pinosa. We will discuss the conservation of fruits and vegetables as well as living with less plastic, then less meat … »Aimed particularly at over 50s, Our Health & Well-being Time embraces concerns that cross all generations. Who does not want to feel better informed and better equipped so as not to fall ill?


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