Now the milk will not boil and stick on boiling

Milk Boil Tips: Boiling milk is not as easy as it seems. Standing in the kitchen for hours and boiling milk in the summer and winter season is no less than a task. If you are boiling milk on high gas, then you have to keep watching the milk continuously. Little did I see that the milk comes out in a boom. While boiling milk, some people complain that the milk settles down in the pan or pot. Due to which the whole milk becomes small. Many times people put milk on the gas to boil and then forget. When the milk spreads and starts burning on the gas, then remember that the milk is kept on the gas.

In such a situation, the work increases and the loss is also done, but now you do not have to worry. We are giving you such tips so that your milk will not boil and will not stick to the bottom of the pan. By adopting these tricks, you can boil milk without worry and can also tackle any other work simultaneously. Know the tips.

Follow these tips while boiling milk

1- First of all, wet the bottom of the pan or pot in which you are going to boil milk, that is, put half a cup of water in it and rotate it. With this, your milk will not stick to the bottom of the pot and your work will become easier.
2- Another way is when you keep the milk to boil, then put a spoon in it, so that the milk will not boil and come out.
3- The third solution is that whenever you heat the milk, put a wooden spoon or spatula on the pan of milk. Due to this the milk will not be able to come out, its steam will keep coming out.
4- Apart from this, you can add half a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate while boiling milk. With this, if you forget to keep milk in the fridge, then the milk will not spoil.
5- Another good way to prevent milk from coming out is to put butter on the sides of the vessel in which you boil milk.

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