NRI scientist reveals first case of blood clots in arm due to Covid-19

For the first time, a team of researchers led by an Indian American scientist has detected potentially serious blood clots on the patient’s side. Regarding the discovery published in the journal Viruses, he says that this will help in understanding and better treating inflammation caused by Kovid-19. The research was carried out by researchers at Rotterger Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in the US.

Blood clots in upper arm for the first time due to Kovid-19 & nbsp;

This disclosure was made during research on 1 thousand hospitalized Kovid-19 patients. These patients were treated and discharged in the hospital between March and May 2020. It is worth mentioning that for the first time blood clots were identified due to Kovid-19 in the upper arm of an 85-year-old man. Researcher Payal Parikh says that the patient came with a complaint of swelling in the left arm and was sent to the hospital for additional tests where blood clots and Kovid-19 were detected in the upper arm, but the symptoms of corona were not visible ie the patient Was asymptomatic. Although the oxygen level in his blood did not decrease, he was hospitalized due to blood clots.

Disclosed in research led by Indian American scientist

Most cases of blood clots occur in the legs while only 10 percent of blood clots occur in the arm and only 9 percent of them recur. Researchers say that blood clots can travel up to the lame in 30 percent of patients and can be potentially fatal. Other complications include continued swelling, pain, and hand fatigue. & Nbsp; Research indicates that doctors consider blood pressure in the veins and testing of Kovid-19 in patients who complain of swelling without cause. Huh. If they are found positive in corona examination, they should seek medical help if their oxygen level is reduced, it becomes difficult to breathe and swelling occurs without any reason. Parikh stated that a patient who has previously identified blood clots or has a chronic disease that increases the risk of blood clots is at a higher risk of recurrence of blood clots when he is suffering from Kovid-19. >

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