Obesity surgery: “When I went under 100kg, it was a wonderful moment”

TESTIMONY – Marie-Laure, 47, had two-thirds of her stomach removed in 2020. While the operation has changed her life, it also involves many sacrifices and must be accompanied by a radical change in lifestyle .

In 2020, when she has just crossed the 140 kg mark, Marie-Laure, 45, a nurse who has become a health executive, decides to undergo obesity surgery (or bariatric surgery). A choice that required a radical and lasting change in his habits. With a year and a half of hindsight, she agreed to tell her story to the Figaro.

LE FIGARO. – Two years ago, you took steps to have surgery because of your obesity. Can you tell us how you made the leap?

Marie-Laure. As far back as I can remember, I have always been obese. For years, I stayed around 120, 130 kilos, without having the will to change anything. Of course, I was out of breath, but apart from that, I didn’t feel limited in my day-to-day life. I still tried countless diets for several years (Weight watcher, Dukan, protein diets etc.). It never worked: I…

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