“Oblik”, a magazine that tells us everything about young people

What if the statistics weren’t so boring after all? It is the bet that Economic Alternatives by publishing Oblik, a semi-annual comic magazine. This seventh issue has 144 pages on the following question: what future for the new generation? In 35 major issues and statistical studies, this graphic info album manages to draw the outlines of a complex issue.

“Youth is just a word. » This sentence by Pierre Bourdieu, the editorial staff ofOblik seems to have made it his own. This new number tends to demonstrate that this age group is in fact not a homogeneous group. Throughout the pages, the panorama offered moves away from the fatalistic vision which would like to qualify this generation as sacrificed. Farewell to resignation! The title of this edition attests to this: Generation no future? 50 reasons for young people not to despair.

Oblik does not formulate any injunction and simply applies itself to passing young people through the scanner, up and down and across: access to diplomas and employment, new concerns, political dynamics… The issue draws the main lines of a generation fractured from within and facing immense challenges. Suffering from inter- and intra-generational inequalities, today’s youth is put to the test. Analyzing it in depth is therefore a welcome initiative. Thirty-three illustrators have lent themselves to the game of graphic popularization which forces synthesis and precision, since there is very little space left for the text on a double page of sketches.

Four other productions remain to be discovered: of a crazy elegance, a few pages of pure art, between photography, painting and poetry, transport us to a working class environment. This is followed by a historical comic strip, a portfolio on Zimbabwe and, finally, an illustrated report, particularly successful, on the difficulties for midwives to exercise their profession correctly. A graphic look that allows to renew the journalistic analysis.


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