Oceans: scrutinizing the profound effects of global warming

The new floats of the Argo program will help to better understand its impact on marine biodiversity.

“Since 1980, every decade has been warmer than the last. But where does this heat go? The Argo program, developed twenty years ago, allowed scientists to observe how the ocean “had warmed and stored more than 90% of the excess heat due to human activities”explains Virginie Thierry, physical oceanographer at Ifremer, who is taking part in this programme. “Primary climate regulator”, the ocean is thus monitored by some 4,000 Argo floats deployed in the four corners of the world’s seas. This international network of around thirty countries now wants to move up a gear, with the launch of 700 additional instruments by 2030. A new stage, called OneArgo and announced this month, in which the France is contributing 21 million euros.

These floats, tubes 20 cm in diameter and 1.50 m high, drift with the currents and dive from time to time up to 2000 meters deep to transmit by satellite…

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