Offering water in Tulsi is prohibited on Sunday. Know what is the secret behind it.

worship text:  In Indian culture, before doing any work, when and how that work should be done is considered. Which people call Muhurta. In Muhurta, importance is given to date wise, constellation, yoga and karna etc. as components of time. Of these, the warp is the easiest and simplest element. Therefore, every person takes it in his own way in his use and starts working accordingly. Generally, in seven days, Ravi, Mars are considered cruel and Shani is considered inauspicious. Shani is considered auspicious in the works of establishment and construction. In Indian tradition, there was a folk tradition of planting a tree and plant for its own use, cutting or taking its leaves etc. Vaidyas also used to extract medicines and plants according to the Muhurta. Due to the complexity of Muhurta and not being accessible and accessible to everyone, common people still use Vaar. The main components of Muhurta are Tithi, Vaar etc. All are considered to be Vishnu forms. 

Among them, Sunday is most dear to Lord Vishnu. Therefore Vishnu Priya Tulsi should not be broken on Sunday. Such a legislation has been made, due to brutal attacks at many places, basil is not broken even on Tuesday. Muhurtas are more based and popular on the folk. Therefore, even in the context of breaking Tulsi, the primacy of the people became prevalent. Tulsi should not be plucked at all places on Sunday. This notion is not popular. For example, only Tulsi is used daily in the worship and adornment of God in Vishnu-dominated shrines, Shri Badrinath and Jagannath. Here Tulsi is broken daily and the worship of God is done. Our scriptures have made a system of conduct on the basis of people. Has given priority to more than seven people.

The secret behind not plucking Tulsi on Sunday

Ganesh ji is believed to be the reason behind making Tulsi dear to Vishnu. Due to his boon, Tulsi got a chance to become Lord Vishnu and Krishna Priya in Kaliyuga, as well as the boon of giving salvation to the whole world, but Ganesha has prohibited the use of Tulsi in his worship. Because of this, Tulsi is not used in the worship of Lord Ganesha, while its use is considered to be the best in the worship of Lord Vishnu.

Aarti plays an important role in connecting the devotee with God, which makes Aaradhya happy on hearing it.

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