Old video of Ejaz Khan goes viral, people demand arrest

Actor Ejaz Khan is always in the headlines due to his controversial statements. In the past, Ejaz Khan was arrested for uploading communal videos and abusing and was then released on bail. Now another video of him is going viral on social media and people are demanding his arrest.

Actually the video of Ejaz which went viral was uploaded last year. In this video, Ejaz Brahmins are seen using profanity for community and pundits. The incident on which this video was made also took place last year and the police denied any communal angle in the investigation. Now this video has once again gone viral.

After this video of Ijaz went viral, social media users’ anger has erupted on Ijaz and he is demanding his immediate arrest. BJP leader Kapil Mishra has also tweeted after this video went viral. Kapil Mishra, in his tweet, demanded the arrest of Ijaz, wrote, ‘Apology is not possible after what Ejaz Khan has said. There is terrible anger among the people. Immediate legal action against him is the only option. I hope that the state government and law and order authorities will understand its seriousness soon.


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