Omicron: the labs battle plan against the variant

DECRYPTION – The latter have acquired record responsiveness over the past eighteen months. But each time the virus mutations represent a new challenge.

Pfizer and BioNTech were the first producers of vaccines to draw. Two weeks after the identification of the Omicron variant, the American laboratory and its German ally indicated on Wednesday that their vaccine was “always efficient” after “three dosesAgainst this new variant.

This is the result of preliminary studies carried out in laboratories by the two companies. It is at this stage impossible to know the precise rate of effectiveness of the vaccine in the absence of dedicated clinical trials. We know, however, that “a third dose provides a level of neutralizing antibodies against Omicron similar to that seen after two dosesAgainst the other variants.

Two scenarios

This does not prevent Pfizer / BioNTech – which will have produced 3 billion doses this year – from working on a new formulation of its vaccine specifically adapted to Omicron. The two labs hope to make it available by March. This new version could be favored by the health authorities to increase

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